The Beach Lounge #8

There’s just so much great downtempo tracks being released these days. Tracks that sets the atmosphere for elegance and serves smooth rhythmic delights. Here’s three recent discoveries of mine.

Rögg Collins (USA) – Off My Mind (Catch the Rise Remix)

First off is a gorgeous, deep and mellow remix from Catch The Rise. I have to admit that I’ve not heard the original version, but after hearing this remix I’m not sure I want to.

This track fits the haunting vocals perfectly, and brings a dark, moist, almost claustrophobic tension thanks to the massive use of side-chain/ducking and a massively rolling bass.

Bankii & Billy Otto (USA) – Slow (Mak. Remix)

Next up is a track that has a really gorgeous vocal performance, and a backdrop to match. Slightly more upbeat than the first track but with a dreamy, chill vibe.

This is a track to lounge to. A track to fill the air while we’re sipping the elegant drinks and enjoy our appreciated company.

Ziino (Italy) – 1AM Walk

Ziino is an Italian gentleman we’ve heard from before on this blog. Here he is delivering a sweeping, swelling, washed out scenery of wellness and maybe a little bit of drama?

There’s life in this track, and without being too melodic. The groove is in focus, and I like that. A “clubby” feel I so often seek in my selections, also amongst the calmer ones.

All three are added to our ever expanding collection of excellent downtempo tracks, located on our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“. A list well worthy to be added to your collection? I believe so! 🙂