The Deep Lounge #7

Let me take you down to where the groove is deep and the beats are pretty.

Drew Dapps & Kenny Oliver (USA) – Down for Whatever

Drew is a guy we’ve covered several times over the last year, and with good reason. He seem to have a natural instinct for the deep, solid underground house grooves.

There’s something about Drew’s productions that just is a fascinating blend of old and new, with obvious lasting qualities. I guess that’s the definition of “timeless”, right?

As is also well demonstrated here, in collaboration with his fellow American house producer Kenny Oliver.

End of Code – Deep Into Your Soul

End of Code is the Malibu/Monaco electro Duo of Nicolas Saad and Shawn Pereira.
Nicolas is an experienced producer since the 90’s, DJing & producing for French radio & TV. Shawn taught himself music while traveling the world as a model. And during vacation in St Barth’s, he met Nicolas and End of Code was formed.

And their production strikes that delicate balance of being accessible (aka mainstream appeal) while maintaining that deep, elegant and proper dance floor groove.

Both tracks are added to our quite exquisite Spotify playlist, “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest tracks with a vibe that is suitable for our Deep House lounge.
Regularly updated and curated with strict quality control, this is one playlist you probably want to return to.