The Deep Lounge #8

Let’s kick off this weekend with three excellent new Deep House releases. Because we’re worth it.

Ben Böhmer & Tinlicker feat. Felix Raphael (Germany) – Run Away

Traditionally I much prefer non-vocal club tracks, generally speaking. But I’ve seen a recent tendency of picking more vocal-lead Deep House than usual. That’s new.

And here’s yet another example of that. A gorgeous vocal-lead deep house track from Germany. A lovely, drifting, floating creation that really is very well over on the mainstream side of things.

Quite retro, too. The Communards’ 80’s hit, “Run Away” is strong in this one. It’s so close but still not a cover, and that makes me unsure if it is intentional or not. The words in the verses are different but the melody in the chorus is the exact same.

Either way it can be seen as a great homage to a classic pop track! A production that takes us on a dreamy ride.

Neon Transmission (UK) – Sour Cherry

The next track is of a more minimal, deeper nature as we return to the more typical underground vibes found on this blog.

Repetitive, hypnoitic, smooth. All over a solid, deep house track that works equally well on the dance floor as it would as an elegant backdrop to a social event (if we still remember what those are).

Drew Dapps (USA) – What’s Possible

We’re leaning towards slightly more techy grounds with this last one, from the USA. But still solid within the deep sphere of House music.

We’ve heard from Drew plenty of times before, and here he again demonstrates why. A playful and above all groovy track that demonstrates mr Dapps excellent ability to transfer his clubbing experience into his own tracks.

This one will make heads bop, for sure.

All three are added to our ever evolving list of excellence, “Deep Lounge“, where we collect all the best deep house grooves as we discover them. Weekly updated!