The Electronica Outskirts #12

We welcome the new year with a brave mindset and set out to the experimental fields, where we do not know what awaits: The electronica outskirts.

Ajgor (Poland) – Revival

First out is a massive soundscape straight from Poland. This is dark, it’s heavy, dramatic and really atmospheric.
A piece that could definitely be part of a soundtrack.

I guess you could say this one is IDM at its finest?

Mattr (UK) – Menieres

We’re on slightly lighter grounds now, but the splendid atmospheric vibes continue in this next one, as we coninue with a UK production that too fits under the “idm” tag.

I really like the sound design here. Just enough details to tickle my curiosity, without ever being too much. A calm, comfortable vibe, sending us into a dreamy state of conciousness.

Scott Stevenson (Australia) – Falling

And after those two rhythmic experiences we dive deeper into the experimental cave and enter the far more trippy, sedated world of Scott Stevenson.

And what a universe of sounds it is. Twisted, twirling, psychidelic. But still quite accessible – at least to my ears? Doesn’t really challenge you, instead it lulls you into this hypnosis.

And, well, don’t wake me up please.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Electronica Outskirts”, where we collect only the finest experimental tracks as we discover them.