The Electronica Outskirts #13

Another deep dive into the gorgeous world discovered at the outer brims of electronica.
And one of the most rewarding things for me personally when exploring these neck of woods, are when extraordinary sound design is unveiled. Here’s three exceptional examples of that kind.

H+ (Bermuda) – Existential Threat

First out a bass heavy rumbler of a track. And the audio landscape here is remarkably well crafted. Just the right amount of details, without overdoing it.

And how about those eastern vibed details? A truly gorgeous sound design at play here. What a track!

We had to add this one to two of our playlists. In addition to the Electronica Outskirts we also added it to our growing list of Leftfield Bass tracks, “Bass Monsters“.

Adam Kroll (Germany) – In love with flora (feat. Noi)

And the intriguing sound scenes continues here with this next track, from Germany. A quite ambient creation with mental imagery that at least in my mind creates impressions from an exotic environment.

This is one of those tracks that are simply best described as “an experience”, really.

Vetus (Italy) – Requiem Machina

… And speaking of great experiences, we are really rounding off with a bang here, as I introduce you to this gorgeously atmospheric construction from Italy.

Massive, mechanical, gloriously dark. Post-apocalyptic? Or rather cyberpunk? Either way, it’s futuristic and just plain gorgeous. So we also added it to our playlist “After The Apocalypse“.

All three are added to our quite diverse playlist, “The Electronica outskirts“, where all the best leftfield/experimental tracks are collected as we discover them.