The Jazz Bubble

You know those “bubbles” one can enter and forget time and place? One of my favourite bubbles is my “jazz bubble”. Especially when I’m in my car, on a long monotonous journey along the highway.
Here’s two new releases I’d love to get served then.

Sun Thru Trees (USA) – Lavender Crescendo

First up, an uplifting and bright jazz creation from the USA. Solid jazz indeed, but with a serious injection of funk.

It’s a segmented track, feels almost like a medley at times. But with the glorious horn returning and knitting the track together. I actually am not the biggest fan of horns being the lead in my jazz music, but here it works absolutely fabulously.
I would not have wanted it any other way.

Baker’s Brew (USA) – Medium Cool

If the first track was a bright outdoor scenario, we are now taken down into a jazz basement.

A lovely “alternative lounge” kind of vibe. Perfect balance of new and classic jazz arrangement. A calm, smooth affair that seduce us with great guitar play and exquisite percussive work.

And that bass? Building a solid foundation beneath the at times quite free jazz arrangement. Oh yeah, I’m so totally there now. In my jazz bubble.

Both tracks are found on our reaslly quite excellent Jazz themed Spotify playlist, The “NuJazz/Jazztronica Lounge”, where we collect all the great new Jazz related releases as we discover them.