The Progressive Underground #7

Let’s kick off the new year with some solid club tracks from within one of my all time favourite genres: Progressive house.

Here’s hoping we can start throwing proper, good old fashioned parties again this year!

Yamil (Spain) – See You Coming (Landikhan Reinterpretation)

First track out is a slow burner, but man does it burn. A massive bass rumbles your feathers like few others, and the track, albeit at a surprisingly low tempo, provides a solid opening to build a set with an excellent progression.

One Rock State (Russia) – New Way

And we ramp up the intensity a solid full level with this next one, as we elevate right up to the center of my comfort zone. This is where I love to linger.

Driving, dark, bass heavy with a steady progression, yet never pulls all the straps. One of the best proghouse tracks I’ve found in quite a while.

This is the real deal. This is progressive house.

This is elegant clubbing.

Aalson (France) – Failure

And this next one… Well, what can I say. This is hypnotic.

I must admit though, it’s uncomfortably close to trance. Yeah.
But the drive here is just so catchy and well crafted that damn…

This is good shit. I’m trippin’.

These three excellent species from the Proghouse camp are all found on our proper Spotify playlist, “Progressive Underground” where we collect only the finest progressive tracks as we discover them.