The Progressive Underground #8

We’ve started the new year with a sweet line of uptempo club tracks, and I don’t plan on stopping just yet. Here’s two gorgeously deep and dark progressive house tracks that should hit the spot.

Mollono.Bass – No Silence feat. Kuoko (Super Flu remix)

This track is no beating around the bush with a long intro, but jumps straight into a gorgeously deep groove. But that doesn’t keep it from stretching out over well past seven minutes.

That’s so rare these days! It almost brings tears to my eyes. This is a track so obviously built for the clubs, and not the exhausting “cut down to the bone to boost Spotify numbers” snippets we too often are served even for solid club releases.

Instead we are taken on a comfortable travel through deep, progressive landscapes. Taking their time because it’s worth it.

And when Kuokos’ vocals enter the picture, right about when other tracks typically would end, well then we are guided up to the next level of percussive nirvana. And what a charming voice! A very Björk’ish, indie style vocal that shines of personality and individualism.

Mrlo x Redspace (Russia) – Dark Side

This next one takes me back. Back to around the turn of the century and a track of a much darker nature, I no longer recall neither artist or song title but I think it was titled the same, “The Dark Side“.

It was played over and over at our clubs back then. A quite hard club banger. Always causing a frenzy on the floor.
And this track here, although being of a quite different nature, still has some of that same repetitive and fundamental, primitive groove.

Like cavemen we danced. And I’d do the same to this one.

Both tracks are added to our quite exquisite Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where we collect only the finest tracks of a progressive nature, all properly rooted to the underground.