THIS is techno #5

Ahhh – techno. The unconditional, 4:4 beat based, repetitive, cold, gritty, mechanical gloryhole of the electronica downtown.
Here’s a couple of really great ones from the last weeks of 2020.

Frankllin (UK) – Them & Us

This track delivers a crystal clear beat to get heated on, an excellent progression, all wrapped up in a really crisp sounding mix. And of course, with that big bad techno drive that we seek. Like a massive engine churning.

I also really like the finer details in the soundscape here – that scidic little thingy that flicks and chirps along the track.

Bulldoozr (Denmark) – Acid Tango

Hot off the tail of Frankllin we continue to the dane Bulldoozr. We know Bulldoozr from before of course, and here he’s back with another slammer of a track.

Gritty, mechanical, repetitive and big. It’s massive. With a rumbling kick that really hits right where it tickles. This is peak hour material.

And there you have it. Two excellent techno releases up for grabs – solid peak hour techno. And it’s when I hear stuff like this that I really, really miss clubbing.

May 2021 mark the return of the clubbing seasons!

Both tracks are added to our increasingly awesome Spotify playlist, “THIS Is Techno“, where we collect all the main hall, peak hour tracks as we discover them.