This Is Techno #6

Ok, time to pull out the BIG guns. The unconditionally hard hitting main scene TECHNO slammers. Those that makes you go bonkers.
Here’s three recently released of the kind.

LA Project (UK) – Push You

We’re opening todays session in good old Europe and the UK, where this hammer of a track from LA Project originates. The deepest of todays trio.

A fundamental, mechanical drive that all good main hall techno is built on. None of that damn melodic stuff that too much of new techno seem to be hampered with. Oh no. This one follows suit perfectly, giving us that techno warm up we crave.

Wtf, warmup?” I hear you wonder. Well, yeah. Everything is relative. But wait ’till you’ve heard the next two in line and you’ll see what I mean:

Nikita Zavodchikov (Russia) – Timer

No more mr nice guy as I throw you STRAIGHT into this geysir of high energy Russian madness. Minimalistic, repetitive, and hysterical. That’s what we want. It’s what we NEED now.

And if we only can get this pandemic behind us, because stuff like this deserves to be heard in massive halls at an insane volume!

Where’s Rin & Howieizi (USA) – Transcend

We go even darker with this next one, that has a thick, etchy layer of acid on top. Slamming like only main hall techno can, this one injects you with energy that will last for hours. Yeah.

It’s almost turning into a rave track on us around half way. But that’s cool. Totally cool. Cause the meat of the track remains. And it leaves us SHATTERED across the floor.

What a monster.

All three are found on our hard hitting Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where we collect our favourites as we discover them.