Ambient Universe #58

Three excellent moments of ambient bliss on the menu today, as we explore strange new releases and boldly go where no blog has gone before. With some luck that claim may even be true!

Matthew Thomason (UK) – Aberfal

Starting off on the melancholic side of ambient. A solitude lead repeating a sequence like a distress signal from beyond.

I don’t usually fall for overly melodic ambient tracks, but there’s just something about the mood of this one that made me keep playing it. A good balance of the drone-like atmosphere and the melodic components in the arrangement.

Simply a track worth hearing.

Oora (USA) – I Tuoi Occhi

And the composition of this next one starts up quite similar to the first. But there is a prominent element of drama in this one, that builds up to a quite large audioscape. A sense of wonder. Something grand takes place. Something outworldish.

And we’re in the epicenter of the events as they unfold.

Adam Cuthbert & Daniel Rhode (USA) – The Shooting Star She Saw

We’re staying in the USA for this next one, who is the darkest and least melodic of the three.

And with a lovely atmosphere. One of a slight unnerving nature. I’m far off-planet now, at least off our planet. To explore strange new worlds.

A subterranian landscape? Something that sounds like massive bubbles in high viscosity liquids are passing by.

This is one universe of imagination and wonders.

Ambient Universe is the playlist we constantly maintain to stay ahead on the new, great ambient releases. It should be followed and used every day. I do!