Ambient Universe #59

Russia and USA meet on common grounds as we explore new releases within the ambient universe from both countries. And all three are a bit further on the melodic side than what I usually select.

Sum(Titles) (USA) – Part 2

Starting off on the melodic side of things today, with this guitar led track. A surprisingly melodic pick from me actually, as I typically much prefer the more drone based, experimental and non-melodic ambient.

But this track made me make an exception, and I stand by that. I must admit that I have a weak spot for guitars, I find them to work really well in ambient, and this right here is only proving my point.

Nikolay Pashkovets (Russia) – In My Father’s Hands

Over to Russia now, and Pashkovets’ great track In My Fathers Hands. We hear earthly sounds in the background here, as waves rolls upon the beach. And this is where this track too differs from what I typically select, as I seek the “space exploration” vibes that very field recording would easily be something I’d hold against it. As would the melodic nature of the track.

But there’s something about the totalily here that is just plain irresistible. Gorgeous. Soothing. Comforting. And sometimes even space travellers needs some of that. Maybe especially us.

OmTara (USA) – Cosmic Creation

Back in the US again, and speaking of unconventional components for me to fall for, here we not only have a melodic piano ands trings, wee also have vocal samples! Yeah – I’m really walking on the wild side with my selections today.

A massive soundscape unfolds as the track proceeds into an epic fountain of aural impressions and exploration. Of course we had to add this one to our collection.

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