Ambient Universe #60

Ambient music from three continents today, as we explore new releases from Mexico, Israel and Canada.

Pulse Region (Mexico) – Accommodation Space II

There’s no other genre as purely focused on atmosphere as ambient. Usually my own mental images when listening to ambient are of a rather concrete character: Very often futuristic, very often in deep space.

But here’s one of those peculiar cases where I find myself just sitting here, exploring the sound waves as they reach me and feeling bliss in a completely abstract manner. No images, just feelings!

Is it like that for you too?

Kutiman (Israel) – Surface Currents

Next up a piece of ambient that actually is more bright and melodic than what I usually tend to pick for this column.

There’s a positive vibe going on here, that’s for sure. Bright lights, colourful and safe surroundings. An outdoor scenario? I think so. And there’s something about the lonely lead here that just won me over.

Like an elegant, gracious but solitude ancient dragon in a Chinese garden during spring blossom.

Luxgaze (Canada) – Auditory Perception

This one is really quite special too. A very fragile, paper thin opens up this track in such a gentle manner.

An intriguing contrast to the dark bass that enters the soundscape, and together they create a peculiar drama in this very minimalist production.

So simple, so beautiful, so effective.

The first track is not to be found on Spotify, but the next two are added to our glorious Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where I collect only the finest pieces of ambient as I discover them. Weekly updated – and no beats guaranteed.