Ambient Universe #61

Double ambient session this weekend, as I delve into three new great releases today as well. After all, Sunday was the original ambient day here on Beatradar!

Warren Ellis & Can Xue (Australia/China) – Purple Perilla

A gorgeous, fragile composition of washed out colours has the honour of opening the ball today, from a collab between an Australian and Chinese ambient artist.

The publisher called the release of this album a “grassroots distribution”, not entirely sure what they mean by that but at least it seems to not be publicly available on any streaming platforms.

So I assume that means it’s kind of an exclusive listen, this one. You may possibly find it on Bandcamp!

Nightpost (Belgium) – City Code 7 0 7

Haunting. Abstract. Futuristic. Dark. And very, very atmospheric. I’m downtown in a cyberpunk fiction now, down at the black market quarter where stolen technologies are traded underhand.

Personally, I would have been happy if it remained like the beginning throughout the entire track. We didn’t really need the melodic segment in the middle here.

But of course, it lifts the soundscape to epic proportions. There’s a hero in this picture. Is that hero… Us?

Rapt (UK) – Drouth V

Rounding off with this airy creation, a lovely swell of white noise and distant pads makes this a pure bliss to experience.

It stretches across a good 8 minutes, a time-span that very well may put you to sleep before the end, because this right here, this is as calming as they come. 😀

The first seems not to be on Spotify but the latter two are now added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where all the best ambient releases are added as we discover them.