Bass Monsters!

Leftfield Bass. It’s a relatively new genre for us at Beatradar to dive into, and oh boy what a fantastic new experience it is. Here’s two slow monsters to embrace in all their ugly monsterness.

These basses are so organically mechanical that they become vocal. Take a listen!

Teniak (Finland) – Carbon

Here’s a real atmospheric one. Starts of gloriously calm and restrained, almost like an ambient track. Then, slowly, builds. And builds. At a low tempo. Towards a bass mayhem that shakes the subwoofer in our office here.

And yes, the bass here is just as massive as it needs to be to take the lead role. Because, that’s the beauty of the bass genres: They are not in the usual supportive role – they are the main protagonist.

And this one here is one filmstar beauty of a bass.

Proph3t & Samantha Bower (US/UK) – Venom

And from one monster to another. And this one, speaking of big basses, now this one is monstrous.

Listen how this one TALKS to us! I mean, is is POSSIBLE for a bass to be more living and breathing than this?

Lovely arrangement, gorgeously dark, emo vibes aplenty. And man, dat bass!

Both of these gems are found on our ever expanding Spotify playlist, “Bass Monsters“, where we collect only the finest, biggest bass tracks as we discover them.