It’s House Music! #6

There’s few things that rise ones spirit more than feelgood house music. You know, those funk infused, percussion focused groove monsters that just fills the air with an intense lust of… LIFE, essentially. Here’s two great ones of the kind.

Maxi Meraki (Belgium) – The Only One

This one is just so damn good. A light tribal vibe on this one, and very effectively so. A groove so splendid that for me personally I think I’d approve this track if it was only the beat track on it, nothing else.

So deep, so smooth, so hypnotic it’s amazing. A fantastic house track!

Sam Blacky (USA) – Too Late

We’re going on the almost exact opposite on the house scale now, but I don’t mean that negatively. Now we enter the classic stomping house groove that we all know and love. This is the kind of dance floor material that avsolutely everyone will groove to.

A vibe so classic that if you showed this one to me and asked what year I thought it was released, I would really struggle with coming with any definite answer. It’s timeless. This production taps straight into the roots of House music and honour the entire history of house while doing so.

An obvious pick for any house DJ, if you ask me.

Both of today’s house selections are added to our excellent, groovy and beat hammering playlist, “It’s House Music“, where we collect all the tracks with those classic house vibes present. Updated weekly, this is one trustworthy source for those sessions where you just want’em good grooves rolling.