The Beach Lounge #11

I dunno if it’s me starting to really feel it’s been long since last summer, or if I’m simply just turning older. But I find myself more and more often return to our imaginative Beach Lounge for a relaxed session.
Where the sunset is always in the horizon.

Jens Buchert (Germany) – Equinox

First out is actually a rather upbeat track for what I usually select for our beach lounge. But it has such a glorious, floaty, dreamy vibe.

Lovely bass, great beat, not too many layers, nothing overdone – it’s just right. And especially the focus on the groove here (as opposed to a melody) makes this one a track we could have running on repeat for quite a while.

And I’d gladly do just that. I really, really love this groove.

Bill Speakman (USA) – Losing Myself

We’re down to more traditional Beach Club tempo next, with this beautiful little gem from the other side of the Atlantic.

We are served a more melody focused creation now, one with a sweet blend of electronica and piano. And do I sense a hint of Caribbean vibes in the background here? I think I do.

And those vocals. Those vocals! Oh yeah. This is so totally Beach Lounge material. I could lose myself for hours at a place with this stuff running in the background.

Undine & Trastler (Russia) – Bluebird

I suddenly realised that I’ve recently featured Russian artists more frequently than usual. And well, what can I say, with tracks like these it’s no wonder.

A very charismatic beat behind the beautiful, powerful yet fragile vocals. Quite original and really well arranged. Almost a hint of folk vibes over it, with the violin and all?

A unique and above all pleasant listening experience. This is a track for quality chill-time. Preferably at our beach lounge.

So, when can we open?

All three are added to our excellent downtempo playlist, “Beach Lounge“, where we collect all the tracks we’d play at our beach lounge, had we had one.
Some day…