The Deep Lounge #10

Dark, minimal, percussive, hypnotic. Yeah. I’m in it for the deep ride. Here’s three for the Deep House crowd.

Stazzia (France) – Intellectual Boxes

Ah, those Frenchmen… They really know their smooth house. Here with this gorgeous minimal house track that really sounds just so polished it’s almost slippery in all its smoothness.

A bit on the high tempo side, perhaps. But the depth is real. So is the groove.

No wonder “French house” is an established and highly cherished term. Catchy as can be!

End of Code (USA) – The Fall

When I received another submission from End Of Code in my inbox I instantly cheered. This is a very recent discovery of mine, and that voice…

I not only love it – I want it. I want it to be mine. I want it for myself.

And the way they make their tracks? To my ears it’s the perfect balance of accessible and credible. Wide appeal but still with one solid foot in the underground.
Cause we don’t want things to be too melodic and easily digestive down here. And this track here still qualifies our screening. Our bouncer is pleased.

So, can I marry this voice?

Darien J (UK) – Don’t Be Afraid

Rounding off todays session on a slightly more techy note, with this one from the UK.

But we’re still solid in the deep end of the pool here. And what a well tempered water. I love all the little sounds he’s added to the soundscape here, making the track not only for dancing, but exploring. Not too much, never overwhelming, just right.

The result is a track with a deep, hypnotic vibe and a lovely progression that well defends the six minutes it stretches across.

Trippy as can be. This is one I’d want playing while rollin’.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where all the finest deep grooves are collected. Weekly updated, this is one to follow.