The Electronica Outskirts #14

It’s been a while since we explored the fringe of the electronica landscape. And today I present to you three distinctly different creations. They illustrate perfectly why the world of experimental electronica is such a gorgeous universe to explore.

Emika (UK) – The Anti Universe

I have the pleasure of opening today’s listening party with Emika’s track “The Anti Universe”. Clearly inspired by underground club music, this one is a treat if you’re a sci-fi buff like me.

This could so totally be the soundtrack of a science fiction work of the more interesting and philosophical ones – those that I’d definitely would want to see.

Dark, intense, futuristic, with a gorgeous sound design and that primitive, seductively underground, tribalistic beat. What more can an intelligent human being possibly want from their entertainment.

NMND (USA) – Hiding My

We are really venturing into the deep underground of alternative, IDM or “leftfield” electronica now as we delve out to a quite different direction of experimental electronica. Truly experimental.

Looped samples aplenty builds this construction of audio impressions. An exploration of a cinematic but abstract landscape.

Not exactly something you put on in the background during a dinner (unless you got really interesting friends), but it’s releases like these that made me start covering experimental electronica in the first place!

Jozem (Canada) – Dreams

And today’s blog post is really one of contrasts when I now pull out this one. An utterly melodic, accessible and gorgeously harmonic creation from Canada.

I hear a lot of vibes in this track, from various genres within the “world music” umbrella, dressed in a modern electronica outfit and a truly wonderful vocal.

The result is indeed something one could put on in the background during an elegant dinner – but that should not be held against it. 🙂

“The Anti Universe” doesn’t seem to be on Spotify (yet?) but the first two are and thus added to our Spotify playlist “The Electronica Outskirts“. That’s where we collect the finest amongst the weird & wonderful alternative/idm/experimental music as we discover them.