The Glorious Jazz Lounge #2

Three quite different releases today! One from a trio providing what I would describe as my favourite flavour of jazz, to a soul infused charmer of a track, and finally the jazz work of a solo artist. Please enter our glorious jazz lounge.

Baker’s Brew (USA) – Return

Here’s a real gem of a track. One where the bass, in the hands of Carl Royce, is granted a role as lead instrument. Great percussive work from Maury Baker. And how about that glorious piano play? Jim Goetsch is pushing the keys as the third member of this trio.

I get associations to a favourite jazz trio of mine, my fellow countrymen Helge Lien Trio. And in doing so, I’d describe both of these trios as being pretty much my definition of the jazz style that I personally hold the highest.

A great arrangement, creative, playful, original, with plenty to details to enjoy without ever overdoing anything. And above all, an astonishing demonstration of pure musicianship that really this genre is so well suited to display.

This track is taken from their album “New Works”, and despite the title indicating otherwise it seems to be their debut (double!) album. And very well worth checking out.

Hemai & FiFi Robo (UK) – Love Dancer

“And now for something completely different”, as the good old Monty Pythons would have said. Vocal lead jazz with a very generous pinch of soul. Groovy, elegant, smooth. Yes, we can like it.

21 year old producer Louie Hemus is the gentleman behind “Hemai”, sonically melds soul and jazz with an electronic tinge. Here he teams up with FiFi Robo to deliver the vocals, and indeed she do a great job at that.

The track is taken from his album “Strange Beauty” – the second debut album for today! And indeed an album worth giving a spin if this teaser was to your taste.

Macabe (USA) – West End

We’re back in the US for this final track of today. modern beats supports this light, accessible and charming stroll down the jazzy lane. Gorgeous guitar play here, and this is a one-man production! That’s not too often to see on the jazz scene.

This is one of those true background tracks that fits perfectly into many a social occasion – including chilling at our favourite beach club.

Or, of course, while hanging out in our glorious Jazz Lounge.

All three are added to our selection of jazz music, found on the Spotify playlist “The Glorious Jazz Lounge“. There they are found together with other really great tracks that we’ve discovered over the last few months.