The Glorious Jazz Lounge

I am of the impression that it is common amongst jazz lovers to have their preferences as to what instruments takes the lead. From horns to strings to vocals, I personally do tend to favour strings (in particular piano), but today I want to show you two releases where horns play the center role.

Aaron Mandelmann Kvintett (Sweden) – Runt runt

First out is a Swedish jazz band of five. A gorgeous piece of music, this one. And it’s noteable how trios seem to dominate the jazz scenes (at least those I attend to) and interesting to notice just how much more two extra musicians add to the soundscape.

A rich, full sound of many harmonies and details is the result – and surely you agree that this quintet here is something we’d love to dedicate a full evening at a jazz joint to.

Yoni Mayraz (Israel) – The Rat

We are raising the level of drama quite a few notches with this next one, from Israel.

Yoni describes his track as “a rush through steaming sidewalks and urban clutter“. An image well suited for this composition. Hectic, chaotic, dramatic and intense.

And I think it’s that exact urban mental imagery that made me fall for this one!

Both are added to our great collection of contemporary jazz releases, a playlist under the name “The Glorious Jazz Lounge” on Spotify.
Well worth following to find new artists and inspirations!