The Underground House Bunker #5

Two tracks of a lovely underground house bunker vibe. Still, it’s quite the span between them! Who’s your favourite?

Tu:Me (UK) – The Darkness Before The Dawn

Here’s a lovely underground groover. “Dark“, “damp“, “minimal“, “trippy“.
To me those are words that would sum up the perfect club track. And those are all words that perfectly describes this creation.

The drive here is so tribalistic, triggering the primitive instincts embedded in us all. Without ever blowing up, just riding that fundamental groove.

This sets the scene on any club night worth being at.

Metehan Pala (Turkey) – Nerina

The second track is more energetic and quite the crossover experience. Progressive house, techno, rave. And, of course, that ever so important BASS rumbling like mad at the bottom there.

And full of contrast! One foot in the underground camp yet with obvious mainstream appeal. Unique, yet familiar.


Both tracks are added to our “Underground House Bunker“, where we collect only the finest, darkest underground house track as we discover them. Tracks that are worth dancing to.