This Is Techno #7

Let’s kick-start this week in a proper stomping way: Monday is an as good day as any for some hard hitting classic techno vibes. Here’s two for the main hall.

Ulrich Van Bell (Germany) – Kush

Germany has always been an epicenter of great techno. And our friend Ulrich makes no shame on his fellow german producers with this monster of a track.

And let me use this opportunity to make a point, so be it that I then show my age: Techno is not supposed to have a melody in them!
It’s supposed to be 100% focused on groove and percussive layers. That’s the genre! This “melodic techno” thing that’s going on nowadays: Let the bastard die.

Luckily we still have guys like Ulrich who honours the fundamental concept of techno. And does it so exceptionally well.

THIS is techno.

Bulldoozr (Denmark) – Submarine

… And that’s not to say that Bulldoozr is comitting the crime describe above. He rools on in now familiar fashion with this slammer of a track. Dark, monstrous, pounding, acidic, cold, mechanical… Hysterical!

I’ll admit it right away – I get goosebomps from this stuff. Hairs rise. Grin widen. Classic main hall techno bunker madness that must never go out of style.


Both of these sits proudly on top of our increasingly awesome techno playlist, “This Is Techno“, where we collect only the best, biggest, most slamming and TRUE techno releases.