Breaking The Records #5

Massive, meaty, gritty, chaotic, dramatic, unpredictable. That’s how I like my breakbeats. And if you and I share that same preferences, well then I invite you to check out these two.

Cage Unlimited (Russia) – Flat Corner Evening

This one is quite special with its 9/4 time signature. At least on paper. Because, interstingly enough, it doesn’t really sound that different at all! I don’t really notice anything special, it flows like it should. In fact I had to count to see if this really was the case. Still, intriguing – I like it!

What I rather did notice was a calm and quite chill yet dramatic atmosphere, a great beat and a well arranged track. It doesn’t really go anywhere, this one. But that doesn’t matter when it stays at such a nice place.
Sometimes the grass is indeed not greener elsewhere.

Nitepunk (USA) – Miracle

And of that first track made you doze off a little, Nitepunk is here to wake you up, and not in a gentle way! This one is a good example of the energy I seek when it comes to breabeat. There should be an element of anarchist chaos involved.

Of course, the associations to classic Prodigy is strong in this one. And please, must we always find music like this released. There’s really nothing quite like that vibe.

So there you have it, two really great breakbeat tracks of very different energy level – one for every occasion?

Both of these lovely creations are added to our Spotify playlist “Breaking The Records“, where we collect the finest breaks as we discover them.