Diversity FTW!

Usually on this blog I bundle 2-3 tracks that has something in common, and make a theme out of that. I think it’s a cool idea, it makes the posts focused on one vibe and you get more than just one track to enjoy within that vibe.

But today I’ll bundle three tracks that are totally different from each other. The only common thing is that they are great!

Beanboi (USA) – Believe

First out, a bass heavy slugger of a track. Proceeding like a slug, slow and rumbling, with all those crazy details spicing up the soundscape.

But it’s the tempo in these tracks that really fascinates me. Being one who prefer my rhythm based electronica in the “classic” club music range of 122-128 BPM, these releases provides something so damn refreshing. It’s just so FUN to be served stuff as slow paced as this, where we can really study it like under a microscope.

Because, it really is like zooming into a picture: The slower things go, the more we can inspect the details in the production. So the details just have to be properly polished and tweaked. Like it is here.

The New Division (USA) – Sequence

I did promise you contrasts in this blog post – and contrasts you shall get. I am not by nature a very retro kind of guy, in the sense that I don’t really like to revisit stuff I heard or did way back then. Like, I really can not stand to hear the 80s hit music again. I grew tired of it already in the 80, ffs. Or for that matter, trance from the 90s. Hard House from the early 2000. Etc. Been there done that – and got the t-shirt to prove it.

However, the VIBE of the various decades, now that’s a different matter. It’s really fun to hear new productions of oldschool breakbeat again, for example. Or, as in this case, synthwave tracks that really really brings out that 80s vibe.

Because, there’s no denying that they did make some really catchy, melodic pop tracks in the 80s. And the synthwave artists of today recreate that particular sound so well.

And this track here is so faithfully made in regards to those 80s aestetics, with vocals that fits this style perfectly. This is a track I can totally see myself hearing on my FM radio back then.

I’m impressed!

John Amy (Australia) – Hidden Texture

And finally, I think I can say that this is currently my favourite genre, if I were to pick one. Minimal/deep house (those two overlaps so heavily I’d almost call it the same genre 😀 ).

And here’s a particularly good one. So elegantly minimal, with what layers there are being so very well working together. Collectively building a vibe that is just seductively groovy, in that elegant, sublime way that good deep house so often provides.

Yeah, this is the good stuff. I could seriously have tracks like this rolling for hours and hours nonstop in the background. And I can’t say that about many genres!

So how’s that for diversity? We should all embrace different vibes in our life.

Obviously, these three landed on each their playlists of ours, and can be found on (in order of appearance):

Bass Monsters:

More Eighties Than The 80s:

The Deep Lounge:

All three are, if I may say so in all modesty, well worth following if their genre is up your alley. Regularly updated with new nuggets as we discover them!