I Wanna Go Home

I got a new EP out, and I blatantly toot my horn about it. And as usual I do so by taking you a little bit “behind the scenes” and present some trivia about the tracks included.

I Wanna Go Home

I have always had a liking for lyrics with a certain fragility to them. Especially when performed by male vocalists. It’s just so much more interesting than the usual confident appearances.

It is deliberately written in an open-ended manner and it’s not about any specific scenario but rather about feeling out of place, not belonging or being uncomfortable in a given situation. I’m sure you’ve all been there.

But it was written around the time where the US Capitol were invaded by insurrectionists. And how would I feel if I found myself in a company where I felt things were getting out of hand?
I would definitely Wanna Go Home.

I Go Deep

Speaking of confident male voices, this one serves as a contrast in being so. This right here is just the kind of deep / tech house crossover tracks that I myself loves playing when I am/was DJing. Deep, dark, stomping, with a proper energy level. Not too over the top, but always pushing.

And I have to admit, the track is heavily influenced by the works of the duo End Of Code, who I so totally adore. Now, they do have a different vibe going but it’s after hearing their tracks I started working on this one.

The Finer Arts Of Transmatism

This track here is my go at a track that is more on the progressive house side of things. I love a very prominent bass that kicks like a hammer, and a “large” arrangement around it – but without ever turning too melodic.
I feel I succeeded with that here.

But how about that title?
Yeah, what the heck do you really call all those instrumental club tracks… 😀 I changed title on this one several times. I always like a certain flair of mysticism, and to be honest: I have no idea what transmatism is.

It doesn’t seem to be a word at all, it just sounds like a real one. And it sounds like a term for something transforming, and the art of doing so.

So yeah.

Desolated Machinery

The motivation from this track actually originates from wanting to make a track I myself want to find more of for our glorious ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“:
Dark, futuristic, abstract. No harmonies, no melodic progression.
And the result is, if I may say so myself, of the more successful attempts of mine.

This is also the first track where I use my latest addition to my synth collection: A Minibrute 2. Also featuring a tiny little transistor radio supplying some “field recording” sounds in the shape of glorious noise of various colours!

All four tracks are found on the EP “I Wanna Go Home“, available on all streaming services right now!