It’s House Music! #7

Two quite different house tracks on the menu today, all while staying on the more minimal side of the vast house landscape. Underground house music at its finest.

Groovemonk (Turkey) – Disconnecticut

Quite deep and disarmingly groovy. With vocal samples on top that fits extraordinary well with the overall atmosphere of the backing track.

Playful, yet dark. Repetitive, yet organic. Underground, yet accessible.

This is just a damn fine piece of underground house music. A very well crafted consortium of sounds, they fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

This track is lifted from the EP “Pick Your Host”, and the rest of the EP is well worth your time – trust me on this one. So give it a spin!

Paluma (Australia) – Is Mine

A silky smooth vibe on this one – and the groove is so seductive it revs up the blood pump. A lovely, utterly hypnotic groove takes us to that place we want to be.

But it has a soothing effect as well! It actually is so smooth that it could work equally well in a chill lounge as it would on a steamy dance floor.

An excellent piece of timeless house music. Should be added toany House DJ’s collection.

Both tracks are added to our uplifting, groovy Spotify playlist “It’s House Music“, where we collect only the finest samples of the house genres. Weekly updated, it makes for a great source of new house music. Might be worth adding to your collection of playlists!