The Ambient Universe #63

Among the genres we cover on this blog there’s two that seems to be totally dominated by North Americans: Synthwave and Ambient.

Here’s three excellent releases of the latter. It’s time to strap on our space gear as we again enter the ambient universe.

Austin Rockman (USA) – Our Own Unknown

We have heard from Austin several times before. And This time we are met with a glassy construction – quite fragile, is it not? – from mr Rockman. Or are we under water?

I’d rather think we are in deep, deep space. This is life, but not as we know it.

All is not shimmering and well for long, though. There is drama around the corner, as a darker being enters the soundscape. A creature of rusty metals and screaming joints. Or is it radio signals? Someone calling for help?

I just love it when ambient tracks triggers my imagination like this.

I Am Snow Angel (USA) – life breath

A foggy, barren landscape is up next. Cold. Lifeless. Or?

As we stumble across, bewildered with a loss of all sense of direction in the thick fog, we encounter something warmer. A cabin? A cave? A geyser?

Whatever it is, it provides a momentary shelter for us. A place to wait and regain strength until the mist lifts and we can continue our exploration.

Slono (USA) – Portacidae

Our exploration is about to reach our destination, as we now encounter some sort of hub. A hub of life. A meeting point. Somewhere busy, but peaceful. Time to restock! And maybe try the local cantina?

I perceive this track as having a vibe of relief. A positivity, an optimism. Somewhere safe.

According to the artist, this EP (“Stag Beetle EP”) is their first ambient release. And, well, I think we all can agree that it most definitely should not be their last!

All three are added to our mighty fine Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest ambient tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated and maintained, this is one list to return to should you want a new piece of that magic we call ambient.