The Ambient Universe #64

My two selected tracks for today are representing each their sides on one of the scales to classify ambient productions on: The brightness scale. One that is all about bright, soothing melodic harmonies, while the other being dominated by darkness, noise and gloom.
And they are both great, of course.

Blue Crystal Star (USA) – A Word for the Silent

Harmonies. The cornerstone of classic ambient tracks.

And this project is all about retro hardware synths and keeping things simple. No DAW, and only basic post production. A project about letting the synths shine for what they are.

And indeed, the result is a treat for everyone who can appreciate the richness of classic synth sounds. And really, who can’t?

Angel (France) – Coincidence

… And from that colourful fiest in harmonies we’re over to this atmospheric gem of a track.

Darker, deeper, more introvert perhaps. And the size of this thing! A huge soundscape that we barely can sense in all the darkness, but the sensation is of something of an overwhelming scale.

And the blend of all the details is what makes this one stand out for me. A mixture of barely recognisable field recordings, noise, reversed samples, pads, it’s all one chaotic stream of sounds that blends so well together and forms a totality that is greater than each individual component combined.

This is highly potent fuel to my imagination. How about you?

Both of these excellent finds are added to our Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the finest, true ambient creations as we discover them. No beats guaranteed!