The Ambient Universe #65

Two and a half bright, harmonic ambient tracks of the classic kind is what I have for you today. Yes, 2.5. Read on.

èvia (New Zealand) – sleepcycl2

This track is just pure peace of mind. Tranquility.
The swell of pads on top of field recordings, placing us somewhere desolate. A volentary isolation.

This is the classic ambient vibes that made us all fall for the genre, isn’t it?

Juan María Solare (Argentina) – Breathing Space

And we continue with the classic ambient compositions as we venture into this bright, optimistic vibe from Argentina.

A grande scenery, sunrise perhaps? With its classical overtones this one is a very cinematic composition. It tells a story, this track.

A story that comforts us. And sometimes, that’s exactly what we need.

J. Cowit (USA) – Io Cenote

This one starts out pretty much in the same spirit as the tracks above. Bright and harmonic. Sunshine on a happy day.

But it soon changes character into something a lot more gloomy and dark. And – perhaps – more exciting. It’s the latter half that ignited my interest in this track.

Remarkably atmospheric. And it only goes deeper and darker as the track progress – like exploring a cave.

A track that stretches across a good 8 minutes, but with a progression that almost makes it into a blend of three tracks.

All three are added to our oasis of calmness, the Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where we collect only the most quiet moments found on the ambient scene. Weekly updated!