The Beach Lounge #13

We’ve entered March, the first month of spring. Summer is coming closer. I feel that’s a reason as good as any – if we ever needed one – to dream a little about our imaginary Beach Lounge again.
So what’s on our menu today? Oh, glad you asked. We got three delicious new downtempo dishes for you!

Matt Manser (UK) – Selenite

First out one really melodic one. This one is floating pretty high with dreamy pads and loads of reverb and delay, giving us a production that is rolling like waves towards the beach.

It’s a big sound. Massive. And optimistic. One of late summer nights and promising new acquaintances.

Noti (Switzerland) – blossom

We’re heading for a much more jazzy vibe now. An elegant choir, quite distant sounding, blended well with this laid-back groove of gorgeous harmonies. A smorgasbord of strings, horns and percussion.

It is quite common across many genres to add some elements of jazz. But I think it works particularly well in chillout tracks like these.

Luzee (Italy) – Shadows

And finally, a track that I feel kind of blends the above two – do you agree? Electronica and jazz – working in perfect harmony here. Also notice the quite jazzy drum beat.

There’s something strangely familiar with this track. I do feel I’ve heard it before. However, that’s also a point in itself – in order to fully chill one should feel at home. This is not the time for surprises. This is the time to lean back, feel safe and comfortable, and let the thoughts drift.
Good thoughts. Calm thoughts. It’s gonna be fine, it’ll all work out in the end.

And in our imaginary beach lounge – if I were there right now – I’d plan to spend an extra hour if these tracks were what I was getting served.

All three are added to our exquisite Spotify playlist, “The Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the finest downtempo beats for your listening pleasure. Regularly updated, this is one you might want to follow: