The Beach Lounge #14

Never a week without us heading over to our imaginary Beach Lounge to check out the latest downtempo treats. And this time I have three new tracks with female vocals as a common denominator.

Bartella (UK) – Tribu

A deep groove awaits you from this London based DJ.

But sonically we’re taken to a place where the sun always shine and the ladies are fair. Gorgeous afro drums are setting the exotic vibe, and the jazzy piano doesn’t do anything to make it any worse – quite the contrary.

A gorgeous blend of feelgood downtempo vibes.

Bluze (Belgium) – Varayana

We continue the relatively high BPM (from a downtempo perspective) with this gorgeous little gem from Belgium.

And that’s not the only thing shared with Tribu above: A female vocal adds an organic element to this track as well, giving it a quite dreamy vibe to an otherwise quite pumping beat.

Are we sensing an urge to… Dance now?

LearningToDive (New Zealand) – Promenade

… LearningToDive to the rescue! They pull us into the safe haven of a tempo we are more used to operate around at our Beach Lounge.

This track is just so, so classic chillout vibes it’s truly timeless. It got a vibe that could totally have been released any decade since the early 70s.

And I don’t know about you but I seriously think I can enjoy these kinds of tracks for many more decades. Timeless, I said.

But that said, this is not in any way a generic track. It sticks to the mind.
It’s a track to remember. And it will.

All three are found on our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge“, where we collect only the tracks we would have played at our delicately located lounge, had we had one.