The Deep Lounge #11

We cover a fairly wide range of music on this blog. But if I had to choose one of them, just one, my choice would probably be our Deep Lounge. The place for the deepest house tracks.
Here’s the two most recent additions to our Deep Lounge playlist, and they’re quite diverse:

Pablo Asturizaga (Bolivia) – Smart Shaker (Original Mix)

As far as I recall this must be the first track from Bolivia that we write about here? Cool!

This is a house track a bit more melodic than what I usually select. A bit brighter, a bit more uplifting.
But there’s something about the groove at the bottom here that sits so right. It never tips too far over on the melodic side, it just dances closely on the border of it.

I can see myself grooving to this track early in the night, as the club slowly fills up and we’re on our first drink. Damn how I miss clubbing…!

Hockey Lane (Australia) – Look Into My Eyes

This next one is taking us straigt into the kind of house music we’re accustomed to here. Now it’s later in our evening, and things are starting to heat up.

Gorgeously minimalistic this one, distilled down to only the components needed to establish the groove provided. The only garnish added is the thin slices of vocal samples.

The result is an excellent piece of house music.

Both of these are added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where everything deep, minimal and magnificent is collected as we discover them. Regularly updated!