The Deep Lounge #12

It’s actually been a while now, since we stopped by our Deep Lounge. But the Deep House scene doesn’t enter hibernate because of that. Here’s two excellent recent releases!

Joplyn (Germany) – Gattaca

Here’s a cool one. There’s something about these vocals that resonates so damn well with me. I just dig the vibe. Such a cool drive, great progression throughout the track.

And with the gorgeous percussion, crystal clear mix and those keys just groovin’ right under the surface: This is one track that sneaks in under your skin and STAYS there.

One of my absolute favourite recent discoveries.

Darien J (UK) – Endgame

Darien J is a guy we wrote about only a few weeks ago but it’s no real wonder we do it again, as this madman has the ambition of “throughout 2021 I will be self-releasing one track every week”. Yeah. Every single week.

And the cool thing is that thus far his tracks has held really high standard. SO much so that several of them has already been residing on our Deep Lounge playlist, and here he is again.

And judging by the releases thus far it won’t be the last you heard of him on this playlist, that’s for sure.

Both of these are of course found on our quite fantastic Deep House playlist, “The Deep Lounge” where we collect only the finest pieces of the deep groove. Weekly updated!