The Electronica Outskirts #15

It’s been a while now, since we headed out to the dangerous outskirts of electronica. The neighbourhood where we never, ever can predict what’s around the next corner. If you’re a beat hungry dancer this post is not for you. If on the other hand you are in possession of a curious mind, go right ahead.

Ciro Vitiello (Italy) – I Dondodont No Longer See Yyoyour

Have you ever experienced instantly loving a track, but simply can not explain why? Here’s one of those for me. I just knew, from the first seconds in, that this was something I liked.

Maybe it’s the really juicy bass synth twirling around here. Or the harmonics with the string synth. Or the surprises in the arrangement along the way. Or all of the above.

I just know that this is a track I fell for at first sight. And the love remains, now when I write about this one several listens later.

Maiko Kitazawa (Japan) – Itonami

An intriguing track.

See, this is why I love diving into the leftfield, the experimental, the odd landscape. It’s so full of surprises.

Gives the vibe of an impro-session, and the atmosphere takes a while to establish itself. But what starts as quite avant-garde eventually melts into my mind and shapes itself into something we can get a hold of.
At least, that’s how I can describe my experience with this track.

What was yours?

Both of these tracks are added to our quite explicitly experimental playlist, “The Electronica outskirts“. A blend of tracks from the easily accessible to the quite challenging, all with a gorgeous experimental vibe.