The Glorious Jazz Lounge #3

We’re going all British in today’s Glorious Jazz Lounge. Two fantastic new jazz discoveries. One chill and quite introvert, the other a firework of a performance.

Dan Harris (UK) – Last One

Starting with the most quiet one, this is just such a gem of a track. This is the kind of jazz that I’ll just never grow tired of. Exciting details in the arrangement, dancing freely around like a leaf in the wind, with that glorious blend of plan and improvisation we all love jazz for.

I always get mental images of an old, respectable hotel foyers when I hear tracks like that. Yeah: Not a bar, not a club, but a lobby. I love hotels for just that, their receptions. With jazz playing in the distance, behind a door leading to this entrance.

I am there because I am special. And so is this track.

Hemai & FiFi Robo (UK) – Love Dancer

And how’s this one for contrast!

The excellent vocal performance by Fifi Robo drives this track forward, but is also remarkably well supported by the backing. A fresh, agile arrangement that spills over with jazz groove and sheer, pure joy. Especially the drummer is just so ON, it’s a delight to listen to.

Definitely accessible, surely this is one that can be played for even the most jazz-sceptic individual. But it still holds those little jazzy details that the experienced jazz enthusiast surely must appreciate.

I know I do.

Both are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Glorious Jazz Lounge“, where quite a span of modern jazz vibes are collected. This playlist has over the year become quite something, and we do suggest you add it to your collection of playlists for a regularly updated source of new jazz vibes.