The Glorious Jazz Lounge #4

I have two excellent jazz tracks for you today, as we head down to where we like to chill: Our glorious jazz lounge. But this time our imaginary lounge changed location – for one song. Read on. 🙂

Bill Speakman (USA) – Lullaby (Feat. Alanna Vicente)

It’s not typical for me to pick music as dance-inviting as this one for our Jazz column. But this charmer of a track won me over with the smooth vocals on top of the utterly seductive bossanova groove.

It just slides into my mind like velvet, comforting me as my feet start tapping.

But we still have that jazz lounge vibe here!
It’s just a different lounge than what I usually picture in my mind when listening to jazz. This time I’m at an outdoor terrace lounge with the most gorgeous panorama view of the sunset in the background.

Miut (Puerto Rico) – Aero Jazz Lounge

Miut can tell us this about his track:
this track was born in the middle of an airport layover coming back home to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago. I wanted to do something different from the more traditional rap beats I was making at the time. Soft melodies for the vibes. Dynamic rhythm section (drum and bass) for the movement.”

And if you ask me the result is really something that made the layover well worth it. A gorgeous vibe with such a strong, excellent jazz presence amidst the modern electronica beats. I am very pleased that the track is mixed with a focus on the melodic elements.

Too often I hear releases within the “jazztronica” sphere have too much focus on a (often rather generic) beat track – but not so here. The d’n’b rhythm is more in the background, very well suited for this track.

All in all a jazztronica release that’s really worth taking note of.

Both are of course added to our Glorious Jazz Lounge, where all the best modern jazz releases are collected as we discover them.