The Progressive Underground #10

After parties. Those places where you have to be invited. Those where you can look what you want to and trip on whatever you feel like. Safe, hidden, dark, a place where that special community meet. The kind of friends you don’t even know what do in the weekdays. Those you never have communicated with in a sober state. But feel a very, very tight bond with.

Yeah, those. This is the music I want to hear at those parties.

En Raich & Hans Helvets (Russia) – Hart modern

This track has so much of what I would call “classic” progressive house vibe. A theme, repeated but with a constant evolusion happening. Always something changing, always something building. Teasing. Hypnotising.

The vibe that made us old clubbers fall in love with the genre in the first place. And thus it is of such a tickling pleasure to see this vibe still being nurtured by the upcoming generations producers.

This is the stuff I want to hear more of!

Tolee (Germany) – Vox

Tolee seem to be close to my generation, being active on the DJ scene since the nineties. Starting out as a dub and acid jazz DJ, he released his first album in 1996.

We’re quite a good step over on the electro side of things now, this is definitely a different beast but I can still feel that same progressive vibe going on here as well, just in a much more minimal wrapping.

And that gorgeous, massive bass that shakes the bottom like a wild horse? Well, that bass can shake mine any day of the week.

Both of these are added to our excellent Spotify playlist, “The Progressive Underground“, where they are enjoying the company of a good selection of other excellent tracks solidly belonging to the underground club scene. That’s where we belong.