The Progressive Underground #9

Two tracks added to our “Progressive Underground” playlist today. And I am perhaps stretching the term “progressive house” a bit with one of the tracks today, but it’s just such an awesome opener for a progressive set, I have to show it to you. The other one has a flair of tribal to it – and tribal is never wrong.

Ten Walls (Lithuania) – Lost

It’s maybe a bit of a stretch to categorise this as Progressive House, at best it’s to be called a crossover. But there’s something about the hypnotic underground atmosphere here that made me want to show it to you in this context.

Because, this track would work perfectly as an opener for a DJ set of the darker, grittier kind. For example a proghouse set. The atmosphere here is through the roof thanks excellent sound design and an exceptional dramaturgy to the production.

And productions like these always fascinates me. They are so unique that it makes me extra curious about the person behind it.
And behind Ten Walls we find the Lithuanian Marijus Adomaitis. His background includes a classical music education, studying bassoon at the music faculty of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in Vilnius, and then music technology at the University of Technology in Kaunas.

And this was such a great introduction to his work.

Mrlo (Mexico) & Redspace (Russia) – Everest

We’re diving head first into the good, progressive underground beats with this next one, a collaboration between a Russian and Mexican producer.

A veil of percussion is spun over this track, giving it that special tribal flair that I always have been a huge fan of. It doesn’t take much to lift a rather standard club beat up to new heights just with the help of some additional percussive details. As so efficiently demonstrated here.

And while the more hectic segments with synth lines does add some drama to the composition it is those more minimal, percussion focused parts of the track that really shines, in my opinion.

Both are added to our Spotify playlist “The Progressive Underground“, where only the best dark, deep and gorgeous beats are collected. Weekly updated!