The Underground House Bunker #6

We do have an underground focus on our blog, but in our House Bunker we aim for only the most unapologetic and pure house productions. These are built for the dance floor. And not just any floor. These are for the inner circle clubbers.

Carnage pres. Gordo (USA) – KTM

Recreational drugs are an integral part of music and arts, and club culture is no exception – rather the contrary. And as such it has also been a theme in club music since day one.

But to be frank, it’s a bit old now. As an old clubber I’ve heard, played, and danced to similar lyrics for decades.

But that aside, this is a really solid underground house track. A track that rest well on the capabilities of a solid club system. Not a too hyped up bass (as we often hear in the productions nowadays), the producer being well aware that pumped loud this thing is gonna kick like mad. And it will.

So yeah – the theme is old but the vocals still work, and would I play this one at the right club? Damn right I would.

Chad Harrison (UK) – Hard To Keep Falling In Love

Here’s a cool one. A solid, minimalist club beat sets the foundation, and on top we find a vocal that really managed to enthrall me. her voice sits quite dry and bare in the mix, and an intriguingly hypnotised, monoton performance, that suits both the lyrics as well as the club beat perfercly.

It’s hypnotic. And that is one of the core ambitions for any proper club track. Should be suitable for most DJ record collections.

If you can’t play this track at a given club, that’s a club you don’t want to be booked at anyways. 🙂

Both of these nuggets are added to our solid Spotify playlist “The Underground House Bunker”, where all the good true underground house tracks are collected as we discover them.