The Underground House Bunker #7

Time to head down to where time stands still and the sun never shines. Time to dive into our underground house bunker. Here’s two recent findings that House DJs out there might want to take a good listen to. These will hit home with the right crowds!

Philipp Ort feat. Haptic (Switzerland) – Fredek’s Story (Remix by Inxec )

Starting off real cool and ready. House with a techy overtone, and definitely deep.

Low energy level at first, but man does it build up gorgeously into a real hypnotic vibe. Intriguing contrast of the really quite minimal and “underground” arrangement and the very accessible vocal segments spicing it up.

Great track to plan early in the set!

Ketafere (Canada) – Play That Song For Me

We’re maybe cranking up the energy level slightly with this next track from Canada. And the groove here, with the gorgeous tribal percussion and sound effects – well I so totally love the whole thing to bits.

Funny little observation: In many ways this track is the exact opposite of the first track: Here the vocals represent the cold, repetitive and techy element while the rest of the arrangement is providing the spice in this listening experience.

But the roots of both tracks are the same: This is proper underground house tracks from the top shelf.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “The Underground House Bunker” where we collect only the most true underground house releases as we discover them.