THIS is Techno! #8

Two quite different techno tracks for you today, but both with a MASSIVE floor potential. These are two releases the techno DJs out there should take a good listen to. You may want to add them to your bags.

Innermotionn (France) – Turn

Repetition has such a powerful, interesting psychological effect. Loop something, and eventually it will start to transform into something else and live it’s own life, even though the repeats are 100% static.

And here’s an excellent example of that. A lovely, minimalistic track that thrives on repetition all over. With a hint of acid on top. A dark, deep groove that triggers ALL the right instincts in me. And omg – that french accent on the word “turn”? How can you not love that?

This is the kind of tracks I could have had going like forever while trippin’ in a corner.

Sam Junk (Germany) – Toxa

Sam is one of the old guys. My kind of guys. I estimate that we’re roughly the same age, seeing how he started his music career in 1988.

And there’s something about experience that can’t really be beaten. This is a track that reeks of that. It holds vibes from decades of DJing and dance music experience. I can hear influences from all three last decades in this track – right up until the current day.

A track built for the floors. And we shall dance.

Both are added to our really quite slamming techno playlist, “THIS is Techno“, where we collect only the finest techno tracks as we discover them. Weekly updated!