Ambient Universe #66

A pretty diverse and wonderful collection of fresh ambient releases is what I want to share with you today. Wonderful additions to our collection of sleep inducing creations. Dream on, my friend.

Goodparley (UK) – Gymnopédie

Goodparley can tell us that this is “an improvised cover of one of Erik Satie’s legendary dances”.

Now, I feel I should be ashamed to admit that I do not know who Erik is. But hearing the gorgeous experimental vibe of this track I can only imagine how the dance would appear.

And for me the greatness is in the details here, what goes on under the surface of reverbed guitars and lush pads. The details delayed across the stereo field.

A pretty abstract piece with a surprisingly abrupt ending, leading me to assume the track is intended to become part of something bigger, like an album?

Joseph August (USA) – Echoes at Dawn

A wonderfully harmonic piece is up next. All is safe and good and cosy and comfortable in the zone we are served here.

Classic long pads in slow movements, we can’t say we’ve not heard it before, but there’s a reason why this has become such a staple for this genre.

It’s simply… Beautiful. And we all deserve some beauty in our lives.

Chris Other (USA) – New Morning

And after dawn comes morning, a new day and new opportunities ahead. And the morning atmosphere delivered by Chris Other, how is it? Let’s have a listen.

A very feature rich soundscape gives me associations of a city about to wake up.
I get futuristic vibes from this one. Maybe especially because of those distorted elements that drops in and out throughout the duration of the track. A really cool detail that triggers my curiosity.

A cyberpunk scenario at dusk? That’s the images that appears in my mind. What’s your mental universe?

Atroxity (Norway) – Desolated Machinery

And finally – I’ve got an ambient track out, myself! As non-melodic as it is I figured it could be worth mentioning in this post, as a contrasting element.

We find ourselves in an abandoned industry complex located in the downtown dock area. Distorted radio signals, slippery grease on rusty walls, muddy water dripping, distant echoes from deteriorating, massive constructions.

Dark, gloomy, futuristic. That’s how my own mental universe looks. 🙂

All of the above are found on our excellent ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe“, where we collect all the tracks we cover on the blog. Regularly updated!