Ambient Universe #67

Two new ambient releases for you today! While both are of the harmonic kind they do represent contrasting atmospheres: One quite bright and optimistic, the other futuristic and dark.

Hidden Blindness (UK) – New Materials

The first track today actually gives me associations to what is my favourite game soundtrack of all time: Anarchy Online. A distinct orchestral vibe, gorgeously arranged, and with that sense of wonder and magic that we often found in the works of one of the old masters of this genre, Jean Michel Jarre.

So while this track is a bit too melodic and bright for what I usually seek, there’s no way I could let this one glide by unnoticed.

88owls (Japan) – Funeral

And speaking of my preferences, we are deep into my favourite grounds here. Darkness. A hollow, almost mechanical atmosphere. Futuristic.

We’ve covered 88Owls before, back then with a brighter and more melodic affair. A lovely piece back then too, but I really think the darkness we find here suits this very interesting Japanese artist well.

Both of these gorgeous pieces of ambient are found on our flagship Spotify playlist, “Ambient Universe” where we collect only the finest ambient tracks as we discover them.