Ambient Universe #68

What day is better for ambient, than Sundays?

Well, any day is a good day for ambient actually. But I’m running out of ideas for introductions to this column. This is after all the sixty eight time we do a session of Ambient Universe!

Juan María Solare (Argentina) – Stop And Smell The Flowers

I’ve many times mentioned how big ambient seem to be in North America, judging from the listener stats we have on Spotify. But South America is not far beind.
And here’s an artist from Argentina that we’ve listened to before, and now Juan is back with another gorgeous track.

Harmonic, sure, but it’s more to this than just long pads in slow movement. There’s a uniqueness to it also for those of us who listen to a lot of ambient. The glassy hollow beds, the hints at drama unfolding, the warm contrasts to the cold, changes in colourisation of the soundscape, all this creates an organic experience of senses and wonder.

10Dimensions (UK) – Uncertainty, Pending

We’re going a bit darker with this next one, from the south coast of the UK.

Long, looooong reverb tails, lots of air, massive landscapes. Oh yes, this one got it all.
I’m not a big fan of piano in ambient, it often makes it too melodic. but here the gorgeous segments with piano adds a wonderful dimension to the totality, pulling it up to very cinematic propotions.

Incredibly atmospheric. This is good stuff from the brexiteers.

Robot86 (UK) – Last Night On Earth

we have another british ambient artist on the rooster to round off this session. And the reverb tails are not any shorter here.

There’s an element of drama to it too, and that’s no wonder as Robot86 explains the backdrop for this compositon:
“Last Night On Earth was written after my granny passed from Covid, this was a year ago this week. It was all very sudden, but the last thing I remember was what the doctor said, she was in no pain and just floated off. This is represented in the music via the interweave soundscapes that gives you a sense of floating calm.”

My sincere condolances to you, Robot86. Here’s hoping that this pandemic gets under control this year.

All three are added to our excellent collections of top notch ambient, found on our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“.