Breaking The Records #6

We’re pitching Russia against the UK in this massive breakbeat rumble!

Rompler (Russia) – SkyNet

Big, heavy machinery. Synths growling. Beats stomping. Massive arrangements. That’s breaks how I prefer my breakbeat.

And it’s all there in this ugly beauty from Russia. Basking in the glory of its own presence, it slams and snarls like a true bonkers.

But it’s not just mad, it’s groovy! In a big bear kind of way.

Criss Conflict (UK) – In Chicago

The stomping beat continues, although in a slightly more polished fashion in this one from Criss Conflict.

And he can tell us this about himself;
I love getting deep down and dirty in the club, dropping something thats going to make you turn to the person next to you and make the biggest bass-face at while thrusting your fist towards the bright multicoloured lasers above your head.

Oh man, how I miss clubbing. Me too, Criss. Me toooooo…

But anyway: A super tight mix, a solid stomp, a frenetic organ vibing on top, a large masculine voice – this track has everything needed for some proper breakbeat groovin’.

Both of these lovely pieces of heavy beats can be found on our breakbeat-focused playlist, “Breaking the records“. That’s where we collect the best and baddest beats as we discover them!