The Beach Lounge #15

Ok, so we’re back after a gorgeous Easter here in Norway, and now we’re really REALLY ready for summer season. So much so that the only thing that’s right to do now is to head to our imaginary Beach Lounge. Some great new releases awaits!

Mattr (UK) – Celadon

Matt is a lad we’ve covered before, and here he’s back with a gorgeous arpeggio driven creation of the chiller kind.
Although, the underground club vibe is refreshingly present here. Great progression, not too eager, just casually, elegantly, serving new layers as the track rolls on. All in a contained yet groovy way.

Yeah, this is a dark, charismatic ride I want to join.

IHF (USA) – In My Skin

We’re headed to the other side of the pond for this next one, by the US producer IHF.

We’re over on the more mainstream side of chill now, but the deep groove is too seductive for us to ignore. Dreamy, wavy, calm and quiet.

And the massively compressed production gives me a kind of an intimacy to it that I find quite peculiar. Like listening to a radio broadcast from back in the days when AM radio were still a thing.
This is Radio Luxembourg“.

Itona (UK) – You Are So

we’re staying in the vocal sphere as we now head back to the UK. Although the vocals here being more sliced and diced, making it more an integral part of the non-figurative instrumentation rather than a supported lead.

It doesn’t really go anywhere, this track. No progression to speak of. But here’s the thing: It doesn’t need to as this one is establishing a vibe and just maintains it. Like a place we never want to leave, or a party we never want to end.

And we don’t. Not while being at our imaginative Beach Lounge.

All three are added to our fine collection of downtempo tracks, well suitable for most calmer settings: The Beach Lounge.