The Beach Lounge #16

We’ve quite often the last few weeks stopped by our Beach Lounge. The reason for that is simple: The flow of gorgeous downtempo tracks just won’t stop. Here’s two new ones, as gorgeous as they come:

OROIS (Canada)- At A Glance

I am pretty sure I’m not the only one getting Buddha Bar associations with this one? It opens with a gorgeous touch of world music vibes. That’s just so, so suitable for downtempo tracks.

And thanks to the spoken word that is found throughout the track it holds on to that quite exotic little touch, of course very well supported by a wide range of actual instruments: Omnichord, Kalimba, electric guitar, percussive instruments of various kinds all contribute to the unique vibe.

Another cool detail here is the vocal choir: That’s so typically done with all female voices, but not so here, instead we get a male/female duo. And what a refreshing twist that is!

Love it.

Timothy and the Apocalypse (Australia) – Flutter

Down under in Sydney we have our friend Timothy, who has a slightly more beat intense offering.

Although we’re far, far from the apocalypse he implies in his name. Instead we are served that gorgeous, drifting vibe that are very much within what we seek for our imaginary Beach Lounge.

Imagine this: Some lazy ours in the sun, tracks like these rolling at a low volume in the background, service by the sunbeds, a fresh Greek salad served?

Oh yes… Yes please, thank you very much!

Both of these golden nuggets are added to our excellent selection of downtempo Beach Lounge tracks, on our Spotify playlist “Beach Lounge” where we collect all the good ones as we catch’em.