The Underground House Bunker #8

We need more beats in our lives. Proper beats. And considering the name of this blog we should take responsibility in bringing you a new bouquet of really good ones. So come join us in our Underground House Bunker.

DeVante (Australia) – Make Me Dance

Dark, deep, steamy and unconditionally underground. That’s how we like it.

And that’s exactly what we’re served here, in this Australian beauty of a track. It quickly establishes a groove and confidently rides it to the very end.

That’s it and that’s that. But boy, isn’t that exactly what it should do.

Because, this is a ride we all join in on. This right here, this vibe is why we all feel connected to the underground club sounds.

B Selekt (Germany) – Charger

B Select is a quite young Berliner who’s already received a quite impressive support from a good handful of top radio DJs. And here he serves us a track with a gorgeous progressive drive.

Building and building and cranking up the heat while doing so, with that certain underground vibe that’s hard to describe but easy to recognise.

And we do so here, in abdundance. This is proper club material.

The Ocean Beneath (UK) – Get Right

We are going a bit brighter and increasing the energy level a notch with this last one, from the UK. A house track with some solid oldschool electro vibes to it, but luckily avoiding going all retro on us.

But yeah, as an old clubber I can totally recognise the vibes from way back to the turn of the century and even before.

All three are added to our fine collection of underground house tracks, found on our Spotify playlist “The Underground House Bunker”.