THIS Is Techno! #9

Time to stomp again. Here’s three gritty, smashing peak hour techno tracks to get you going!

08 Orbit (Sweden) – Pandemic

This is such a beauty. Massive, and with that DRIVE that is so important in all dance genres of course, but maybe especially in techno. It needs to MOVE.

And this one here does that. Aplenty. Minimal enough to carry us to that hypnotic mental state, while always changing, always reaching for that next level.

Elso (Germany) – Spokesman

We’re well into something that could be called a crossover towards progressive house now, aren’t we? At least according to how we used to define progressive house.

A fantastic drive here. Dark, stomping… But controlled. Never losing its marbles, never going all out into some cheesy frenetic festival edm thing. Oh no. This one is pushing steady as she goes, never shaking us out of our mental state of techno bliss.

Kadyn Webster (Australia) – Echo

Stomping, mechanical, with a rock steady progression. While we can’t say there’s a lot here we haven’t heard before, this is one of those tracks that just does things so RIGHT that we really don’t mind. Dark, insisting, and with enough air in it to let the many delays and effects stand out and shine.

Cause that’s the thing. Too many techno productions are what I perceive as too dense. Too many elements fighting for attention, clogging up the soundscape, beating each other to death.

Not so here. The arrangement is wide open and we can really examine every layer, every hit, every loop.
And what a lovely progression.

This is a class act.

All three are added to our Spotify playlist, “This Is Techno“, where all the big, bad, stomping tracks are collected as we find them.